National Action Plan and Monitoring Framework for Prevention and Control of NCDs

In accordance to the WHO's Global Action Plan for the prevention and control of NCDs (2013-2020), India is committed to implement a National Action Plan and take necessary steps to meet the objective of reducing global premature deaths from NCDs by 25% by 2025.

National Action Plan and Monitoring Framework for Prevention and Control of NCDs

The National NCD Monitoring framework outlines 10 targets and 21 indicators to monitor and track the progress of actions designed to prevent and control NCDs by 2025.

India will have 9 targets (as per the Global Action plan) and a tenth target to address household air pollution -a major health hazard due to burning of solid biomass fuel and second-hand smoke.

Additionally, India has implemented WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control aimed at reducing the demand for tobacco products by prohibiting sales of tobacco products around educational institutions, restricted tobacco imagery in films and TV programmes, banned some smokeless tobacco products and developed tobacco-free guidelines for educational institutions.

The monitoring framework is expected to drive progress in prevention and control of NCDs and provide the foundation for advocacy, raising awareness, reinforcing political commitment and promoting global action to tackle these deadly diseases. This will also help shape a new development agenda that advances the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic development, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.

Key Action Points at Various Levels to Achieve National NCD Targets